Photoshoot for Toyota  
No two projects are alike: that is exactly what makes LOCALHERO so exceptional. If the task is to get a car on top of a mountain, where no car has ever been, you simply can't rely on prefabricated structures. The challenge lies in utilizing our years of experience and at the same time staying open to new approaches.

The photographer should only concentrate on the essential: his creative work! In order to produce the most optimal work environment, we take care of all the organizational aspects: from the cost-estimate to the realization and the final billing. We offer a complete service including scouting, casting, permits, carnets, travel booking, etc

We have worked all over Europe, in the northern and southern part of Africa and in North and South America.

LOCALHERO is not just our company name - it is our concept. So no matter where our next project will take us, you can be certain, that a LOCALHERO will greet you at the airport.
(Photoshoot for Toyota with Willy von Recklinghausen)